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Cancer and Pregnancy

Precio COP $397.000

ISBN: 9783540712725
Autores: Surbone Antonella, Peccatori Fedro, Pavlidis Nicholas

This book is written by experts with clinical expertise on diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of women with cancer during pregnancy. It provides a comprehensive review of data and an overview of psychological, ethical, and social aspects.

The Breast 4 Ed. (2 Tomos)

Precio COP $751.000

ISBN: 9781416052210
Autores: Bland Kirby, Copeland Edward

Comprehensive Management of Benign and Malignant Diseases, 4th Edition by Kirby I. Bland, MD, and Edward M. is a surgical reference that offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource on the diagnosis and management of, and rehabilitation following,

ISBN: 9781608310036
Autores: Foster Corey, Mistry Neville, Peddi Parvin, Sharma Shivak

Established for over 40 years as the "bible" of the medical ward. The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics is now in its Thirty-Third Edition and builds upon that proud tradition--with even more of the current information you need delivered

ISBN: 9781608313815
Autores: Cabaniss Micki, Ross Michael

Thoroughly updated for its Second Edition, Fetal Monitoring Interpretation describes and illustrates the full range of patterns revealed by fetal monitoring and explains their clinical significance. The book uses case studies and high-quality tracings

ISBN: 9788471013392
Autores: Twining Mr Peter

El texto se acompaña de excelentes imágenes ecográficas que contribuyen a clarificar el proceso de detección de una determinada anormalidad, a la que se han añadido, cuando era necesario, su correspondiente correlación anatomopatológica.

Atlas Of Vulvar Disease  2Ed

Precio COP $236.000

ISBN: 9780781789394
Autores: Wilkinson Edward, Stone I. Keith

Designed for quick, easy reference in the office or clinic, this atlas is a pictorial and textual guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vulvar diseases. Full-color clinical photographs and relevant histopathologic photographs illustrate

ISBN: 9780781769372
Autores: Gibbs Ronald, Karlanbeth, Haney, Nygaard Ingrid

A core reference for residents and practitioners for over 40 years, Danforth's Obstetrics and Gynecology is now in its Tenth Edition-thoroughly revised and reorganized to provide complete, authoritative coverage of the modern clinical practice

Breast Imaging Companion 3Ed.

Precio COP $212.000

ISBN: 9780781764919
Autores: Cardenosa Gilda

The top-selling title in our Imaging Companion Series is now in its revised, updated Third Edition. Featuring over 1,000 large, clear images accompanied by brief, bulleted "key facts," this how-to book provides everything readers need to obtain high-

Breast Imaging 3Ed.

Precio COP $588.000

ISBN: 9780781747684
Autores: Kopans Daniel

Dr. Kopans' best-selling text and reference on breast imaging is now in its thoroughly revised updated Third Edition The author combines a complete superbly illustrated atlas of imaging findings with a comprehensive text that covers all imaging modalities

Temas clave embriologia 4° ed.

Precio COP $106.000

ISBN: 9788496921146
Autores: Dudek Ronald

La obra de Neuroanatomía de James D. Fix pertenece a la colección Temas Clave, cuyo objetivo es presentar al estudiante textos sencillos y resumidos en un formato ágil y fácil de manejar. El texto y los tests de autoevaluación se adaptan a las directrices

ISBN: 9780323024204
Autores: Braveman Ferne

This volume in "The Requisites in Anesthesiology" series concisely presents all of the knowledge essential to the safe practice of obstetric and gynecologic anesthesia. It covers every facet of the anesthetic care of female patients

Risk and choice in maternity care

Precio COP $128.000

ISBN: 9780443101519
Autores: Symon Andrew

"Este libro explora la compleja interrelación entre el riesgo y la elección en el cuidado de la maternidad examinando de cerca cómo se definen los riesgos y el impacto que tiene en la capacidad de la mujer para tomar decisiones durante el embarazo

ISBN: 9780323039789
Autores: Disaia Philip

Thanks to improved detection technologies, early diagnosis and treatment and innovative research the outlook for gynecologic oncology patients is improving every day. Offer your patients diagnosis and management with help of this reference on gynecologic

Diabetes y embarazo

Precio COP $84.000

ISBN: 9788478775316
Autores: Pallardo Sanches Luis Felipe

La conjunción de diabetes y embarazo ha resultado siempre una situación atrayente de estudio para diabetólogos, obstetras y neonatólogos, donde el feliz resultado del embarazo va a venir lógicamente condicionado por el buen hacer de los tres especialistas

The Prenate And Neonate.

Precio COP $298.000

ISBN: 9781842140444
Autores: Renzo Gian Carlo Di, Simeoni Umberto

At the moment of birth, the obstetrician is presented with a wide range of visual signs and symptoms in the neonate that may be entirely normal or that may indicate the presence of some underlying condition or disease.

Prenatal Medicine

Precio COP $456.000

ISBN: 9780824728441
Autores: Van Vugt John M. G, Shulman Lee P.

At the cutting-edge of maternal and neonatal management and research this reference presents the most recent advances in fetal DNA/RNA embryoscopy/fetoscopy open fetal surgery pre-existing and newly detected maternal medical complications detect

Handbook Of Early Pregnancy Care

Precio COP $298.000

ISBN: 9781842143230
Autores: Bourne Thomas H, Condous George

Problems in early pregnancy are among the most common conditions in gynecology and with management becoming less invasive and depending more on accurate ultrasound and a good understanding of serum biochemistry

Hipertensión en el embarazo

Precio COP $83.000

ISBN: 9789509030695
Autores: Voto Liliana

Este es un libro es para jóvenes profesionales en formación que ayudará a entender el complejo desarrollo de la hipertensión gestacional y para acompañar la consulta diaria a todos aquéllos que tienen la responsabilidad de cuidar de las madres y sus hijos

Inflammation And Pregnancy

Precio COP $344.000

ISBN: 9781842142721
Autores: Peebles Donald M, Myatt Leslie

Nowhere is the complex relation between inflammation and disease more apparent than in pregnancy. From the immune adaptation necessary for a mother to tolerate a genetically different fetus through gestation, to the role of inflammatory mediators

ISBN: 9781842142325
Autores: Faye-Petersen Ona Marie, Heller Debra S, Joshi Vijay V

A user-friendly text, this book explores all the diagnostic challenges pathologists and obstetricians will face. Succinct and accessible, the text includes discussions of lesions associated with maternal thrombophilias, updates in disorders challenging

Pelvic Floor Re-Education 2 Ed.

Precio COP $167.000

ISBN: 9781852339685
Autores: Baessler Kaven, Schüssler Bernhard, Burgio Kathryn L, Moore Kate H, Norton Peggy A, Stanton Stuart L

This book on pelvic floor re-education provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, along with other aspects of the clinical assessment and management of pelvic floor disorders. It is written for all health care professionals working with women

ISBN: 9781846285639
Autores: Piercy Catherine Nelson, Girling Joanna

Recognition of the importance of maternal medicine is now reflected in the content of the MRCOG exam, core training and higher training in both obstetrics and medicine. This book approaches obstetric medicine from the point of view of real patients

Atlas Of Pelvic Floor Ultrasound

Precio COP $356.000

ISBN: 9781846285202
Autores: Dietz Hans, Hoyte Lennox, Steensma Anneke

Ultrasound has replaced X-ray as the main imaging modality for the diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders in women. It now enables a cost-effective and non-invasive demonstration of bladder neck and pelvic organ mobility, vaginal, urethral and levator

Autor: Rodrigo Cifuentes B., MD, PhD, FACOG

Tomando como base el concepto de la medicina basada en evidencias (MBE) como guía de nuestras actividades docentes en las últimas tres décadas, hemos producido con la ayuda y en compañía de colegas académicos (en gran mayoría) una buena cantidad de textos académicos de enseñanza que siguen este paradigma.



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