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Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care

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ISBN: 9780323044189
Autores: Trunkey Donald

Here’s a unified based to problems encountered in trauma and critical care surgical situations. Comprehensive, it is ideal for a quick overview before entering the operating room or ICU, or as a review for board certification or recertification.

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"Here’s a unified evidence-based approach to problems encountered in trauma and critical care surgical situations. Comprehensive and concise, it is ideal for a quick overview before entering the operating room or ICU, or as a review for board certification or recertification. Be prepared for the unexpected with practical, concise coverage of major surgical problems in trauma and critical care. Get expert practical and up-to-date guidance on ventilator management, damage control, noninvasive techniques, imaging, infection control, dealing with mass casualties, treating injuries induced by chemical and biological agents, and much more. Find the information you need quickly and easily through numerous illustrations, key points boxes, algorithms, and tables."

Tabla de contenido:

I. Trauma Systems

1 The Development of Trauma Systems, Trunkey
2 Trauma Center Organization and Verification, Eastridge / Thal
3 Injury Severity Scoring: Its Definition & Practical Application, Osler / Glance / Bedrick
4 The Role of Alcohol and Other Drugs in Trauma, Gentilello / Esposito
5 The Role of Trauma Prevention in Reducing Interpersonal Violence, Cornwell / Chang
6 Trauma Scoring, VanDerHeyden / Cox
7 Trauma Systems & Trauma Triage Algorithms, Pepe / Marttos / Lynn

II. Pre-hospital Trauma Care

8 Delivering Multidisciplinary Trauma Care: Current Challenges and Future Directions, Habib / Carrillo
9 Triage, Armstrong / Burris
10 Pre-Hospital Airway Management: Intubation, Devices, and Controversies, Coimbra / Davis / Hoyt
11 Pre-Hospital Fluid Resuscitation: What type, how much and controversies, Newell / Gracias / Rotondo
12 Civilian Hospital Response to Mass Casualty Events, Dicker / Schecter
13 Blast Injuries, Pepe / King / Becker / Lynn
14 Pre-Hospital Care of Biological Agent Induced Injuries, Swan
15 Wound Ballistics: What Every Trauma Surgeon Should Know, Mayberry / Trunkey
16 Common Pre-Hospital Complications and Pitfalls in the Trauma Patient, Mitchell / Richart / Wilkins

III. Initial Assessment and Resuscitation

17Airway Management: What Every Trauma Surgeon Should Know, From Intubation to Cricothyroidotomy, Gross / Jacobs
18 Resuscitation Fluids, Schreiber / Tieu / Kiraly / Englehart
19 Emergency Department Thoracotomy, Asensio / Petrone / et al.
20 The Role of Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma: Indications, Limitations, and Controversies, Dunham / McKenney / Shatz
21 The Use of Computed Tomography in Initial Trauma Evaluation, Sjoholm / Ross
22 Interventional Radiology: Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Maish / Fabian
23 Endpoints of Resuscitation, Englehart / Tieu / Schreiber

IV. Head and Central Nervous System Injuries

24 Traumatic Brain Injury: Pathophysiology, Clinical Diagnosis, and Pre-Hospital and Emergency Center Care, Valadka / Dannenbaum
25 Traumatic Brain Injury: Imaging, Operative and Nonoperative Care, and Complications, Valadka / Dannenbaum
26 Spine: Spinal Cord Injury, Blunt and Penetrating, Neurogenic and Spinal Shock, Tashjian / Gonzalez / Khoo

V. Maxillofacial and Ocular Injuries

27 Maxillofacial Injuries, Granick
28 Trauma to the Orbit, Meallet

VI. Neck Injuries

29 Penetrating Neck Injuries: Diagnosis and Selective Management, Weireter / Britt
30 Carotid, Vertebral Artery and Jugular Venous Injuries, Rowe / Petrone / Asensio
31 Blunt Cerebrovascular Injuries, Cothren / Moore
32 Tracheal, Laryngeal, and Oropharyngeal Injuries, Fernandez / Norwood / Berne

VII. Thoracic Injuries

33 Pertinent Surgical Anatomy of the Thorax and Mediastinum, Schipper / Sukumar / Mayberry
34 Thoracic Wall Injuries: Ribs, Sternal Scapular Raptures, Hemo- and Pneumothoraces, Salvetamal / Livingston
35 Diagnostic and Therapeutic roles of Bronchoscopy and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy in the Management of Thoracic Trauma, Malhotra / Aboutanos
36 Pulmonary contusion and flail chest, Hauser / Livingston
37 Tracheal and Tracheobronchial Tree Injuries, Miller / Meredith
38 Operative Management of Pulmonary Injuries: Lung-Sparing and Formal Resections, Asensio / Garcia-Nunez / Petrone / et al.
39 Complications of Pulmonary and Pleural Injury, Karmy-Jones / Jurkovich
40 Cardiac Injuries, Asensio / Petrone / et al.
41 Thoracic Vascular Injury, Chu / Wall / Mattox
42 Treatment of Esophageal Injury, Christmas / Richardson
43 Diaphragmatic Injury, Lucas / Ledgerwood

VIII. Abdominal Injuries

44 Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen and Retroperitoneum, Bochicchio / Scalea
45 Dianostic Peritoneal Lavage and Laparoscopy in Evaluation of Abdominal Trauma, Smith / Aucar / Fry
46 Nonoperative Management of Blunt and Penetrating Abdominal Injuries, Martin / Rhee
47 Gastric Injuries, Diebel
48 Small Bowel Injuries, Maull
49 Duodenal Injuries, Jurkovich
50 Pancreatic Injuries, Magnotti / Croce
51 Liver Injury, Parikh / Pachter
52 Splenic Injuries, Wisner / Tse
53 Abdominal Vascular Injuries, Goaley / Feliciano
54 Colon and Rectal Injuries, Ciesla / Burch
55 Genitourinary Tract Injury, Best
56 Gynecologic Injuries, Tillou / Petrone
57 Multidisciplinary Management of Pelvic Fractures: Operative and Non-operative Hemostasis, Scalea

IX. Special Issues in Major Torso Traum

58 Current Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhagic Shock, Puyana / Tisherman / Peitzman
59 Exsanguination: Reliable Models to Indicate Damage Control, Mohr / Asensio
60 Surgical Techniques for Thoracic, Abdominal, Pelvic and Extremity Damage Control, Davis / Luchette
61 Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Damage Control and the Post-Traumatic Open Abdomen, Miller / Morris

X. Peripheral Vascular Injury

62 Vascular Anatomy of the Extremities, Ginzburg / Rich
63 The Diagnosis of Vascular Trauma, Anderson / Blaisdell
64 Upper Extremity Vascular Trauma, Griffen / Frykberg
65 Lower Extremity Vascular Injuries: Femoral, Popiteal and Shank Vessel Injury, Sifri / Asensio
66 Compartment Syndromes, Granchi

XI. Musculoskeletal and Peripheral CNS Injuries

67 Upper Extremity Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Gehrmann / Tan / Behrens (deceased)
68 Lower Extremity Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Trafton / Houin / Trunkey
69 Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures, Tatsumi / Hart
70 Pelvic Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Humphrey / Ellis
71 Hand Fractures, Gopinathan / Ganchi / Granick
72 Scapulothoracic Dissociation and Degloving Injuries of the Extremities, Biffl / Born / Cioffi
73 Extremity Replantation: Indications and Timing, Datiashvili / Mordkovich
74 Techniques in the Management of Complex Musculoskeletal Injury: Roles of Muscle, Musculocutaneous, and Fasciocutaneous Flaps, Datiashvili / Trovato / Granick

XII. Special Issues and Situations in Trauma Management

75 Airway Management in the Trauma Patient, Harrskog / Jarnberg
76 Pediatric Trauma, Tuggle / Scherer
77 Trauma in Pregnancy, Sisley / Chiu
78 Trauma in the Elderly, Braslow / Kauder / Schwab
79 Burns, Davis / Gamelli
80 Soft Tissue Infections, Henry
81 Common Errors in Trauma Care, Smith / Nold / Dort

XIII. Critical Care I, the Management of Organ Failures: Techniques for Support

82 Cardiac Hemodynamics: The Pulmonary Artery Catheter and the Meaning of its Readings, Cohen / Mackersie
83 Oxygen Transport, Polanco / Fink / Puyana / Ochoa
84 Pharmacologic Support of Cardiac Failure, Mah / Kirton
85 The Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Dysrhythmias, Sperry / Minei
86 Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation, Eachempati / Shapiro / Barie
87 Advanced Techniques in Mechanical Ventilation, Melendez / Shapiro / Eachempati / Barie
88 The Management of Renal Failure: Renal Replacement Therapy and Dialysis, Gutmann / McFarren / Durham
89 Management of Coagulation Disorders in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Michetti / Fakhry
90 The Management of Endocrine Disorders in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Falvo / Horst
91 Transfusion: Management of Blood and Blood Products in Trauma, Napolitano

XIV. Critical Care II, Special Issues and Treatments

92 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, King / Becker / Garcia / Asensio
93 Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS): Definition, Diagnosis, and Management, Watkins / Deitch
94 Sepsis, Septic Shock, and its Treatment, Ananthakrishnan / Deitch
95 The Immunology of Trauma, Todd / Cocanour
96 Nosocomial Pneumonia, Williams / Raghunathan / Spain / Brundage
97 Antibacterial Therapy: The Old, the New, and the Future, Barie / Eachempati / Shapiro
98 Fungal Infections and Antifungal Therapy in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Shapiro / Smith-Singares / Eachempati / Barie
99 Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Nutritional Support: Strategies for Enteral and Parenteral Therapies, Byers / Hameed / Kudsk
100 Thromboembolic Phenomena: Diagnosis and Treatment of Deep Venous Thrombosis: Drugs and Filters, Ivascu / Garcia
101 Hypothermia and Trauma, Gentilello / Reed
102 Surgical procedures in the SICU, Sifri / Mohr
103 Anesthesia in the SICU. Beyond the Airway: Neuromuscular Paralysis and Pain Management, Andreae / Berger / Verdiner / Delphin
104 Palliative Care in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Mosenthal
105 Death from Trauma: Management of Grief and Bereavement and the Role of the Surgeon, Murphy / Mosenthal
106 Trauma Rehabilitation, Dubov / Badellino / Pasquale
107 Trauma Outcomes, Rhodes / Tinkoff</P>

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